Our Story​

"Neeraja" a registered NGO (Regn No. E-26986 (Mumbai)) have been active in the tribal belts of Vikramgad, Mokhada, jawhar of Palghar district. The main focus in on community level Rainwater Harvesting by building new checkdams, repairing wells etc. All the Projects are undertaken with participation from local population by way of labour (श्रमदान) on actual monetary contribution. Such participation helps the people to identify the projects on their own and they take necessary care during later stages as well.

The essential needs like food, clothing, housing will be incomplete without ‘Water’ as it is the basic need of every human being.

During the time when

1. Population was under control

2. Abundance of land & forests were available

3. there was regular & sufficient rainfall, nobody ever dreamt that there would be shortage of water. However in last few decades, the human beings have created the current shortage of water which will affect their own existence; and they will have to blame only themselves for it.

Rainwater Harvesting is the need of the hour to meet growing demand for safe water-brought about by rapid diminishing of water sources, due to growing urbanization, lowering of ground water tables, and rapid environmental changes.

The low cost of rainwater harvesting, together with its decentralization aspects, enables people at household and community level to manage their own water, thereby reducing reliance on central supply systems which are either absent, unreliable or too expensive. Besides access to safe water, rainwater harvesting yields numerous environmental, social or economic benefits and can contribute significantly to sustainable development of rural areas.

Rainwater Harvesting is an effective and sustainable solution to water shortages all over the world.