The easiest way people try to get water is by digging borewell. There have been cases where people dig upto 1000 feet deep to tap water source even though the government has mandated not to dig beyond 300 feet. (This was till recently 200 feet only) The borewell actually depletes the groundwater table and should be done only in rare cases. We, at Neeraja, generally discourage digging of borewell. However when we notice acute shortage of drinking water or where the women have to travel to many kilometers to fetch water, Neeraja has been providing water by digging borewell in different pada’s (hamlets).

Till date Neeraja has day around 75 borewell in Vikramgad and Talasari talukas in last 5 years on so. It is a matter of great significance that we had 100% success rate and not a single borewell has failed or become defunct even after few years.It would be nearly impossible to come across any social organisation who can boast of such an achievement. May be people in Doaba (Part of Punjab), or those right on bank of Ganges in plains and possibly those in Congo or Amazon basin can equal this feet. We look at this achievement as the blessings of Nature God which helps us in our selfless efforts as otherwise such feet in just not possible.

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